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The method for tie-breaking should be based on the pre-defined Terms of Competition.



  • Tournaments/Results ->Tournaments -> New/Change Tournament- > Untie Criteria -> select the option for each applicable type of tie-breaking method.

It is recommended that the appropriate tie-breaking criteria is previously checked, according to the following procedures:


Auxiliary Tables -> Tournaments order Types -> select the applicable option:

  • Individual Tournaments (1 Day)

  • Individual Tournaments Multi-days

  • Teams Tournament (1 Day)

  • Teams Tournament Multi-days

Note: this takes in consideration the number of cards that count for the results, regardless of whether the card includes one player or several players.

The existing tie-breaking methods are listed: by default, the tie-breaking methods for the above-mentioned competition are pre-defined for the various competition types (Stableford Net, Medal Net, Stroke Play, Stableford Gross, Bogey Par). The option with handicap or without handicap refers to whether or not the handicap is used as a tie-breaking criteria.

Whenever possible, use pre-existing tie-breaking criteria.

Double-click on a type to view the tie-breaking criteria details on the screen.

For the options with handicap, by default:

  • In net results, the handicap will be “Ascending” (the lower the handicap, the better is the result)

  • In gross results, the handicap will be “Descending” (the higher the handicap, the better is the result).

For scorecard count-back method, the following is use by default:

  • Total Last 54 Holes (multi-day tournaments)

  • Total Last 36 Holes (multi-day tournaments)

  • Total Last 18 Holes

  • Total Last 9 Holes

  • Total Last 6 Holes

  • Total Last 3 Holes

  • Total Last Hole

For tournament types that use points, the order is “Descending” (the more points, the better the result)

For tournament types that use strokes, the order is “Ascending” (the fewer strokes, the better the result)

Note: the holes are always considered as per the course.

For Play Off:
When Playoff criteria is used, after the overall total, it is possible to:

  • keep ties;

  • manually set the playoff order: with the Playoff criteria set to “Ascending”, the value to manually fill in the Playoff field on the scorecard will be 1 for the winner, 2 for second place, etc.

Create a new Tie-Breaking Criteria option

When it is necessary to create a new tie-breaking method:

Auxiliary Tables -> Tournament Order Types -> New Type:

  • Select the tournament type

  • Write the name

  • Select the required criteria from the list on the left (double click) to the right, always starting with the total applicable for that type. Use the Up or Down buttons to move up or down a specific type in the selected list.

  • Select Ascending or Descending

  • Save


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