Revalidation of Handicap, based on handicap record from overseas


  1. Pre-requirements

The player must submit a handicap record from another Federation, under the conditions foreseen on the Decisions of the EGA Handicap System (EGA, CONGU, USGA), and have a minimum of four qualifying scores on the current calendar year. The assignment is subject to the evaluation of the Handicap Committee. The Handicap Committee may request the player to return scores in Portugal before revalidating the handicap. For revalidation of category 1 handicap, please contact the HCRC of the FPG.


1.Register the Number of Scores

Central Handicap System:

Lists -> Federated -> Search player -> Click on the FPG number -> Player’s file (Details) -> button “Extra Results” -> Write the number of scores –>button “Update”  


2.(Re)Assign the Handicap

Central Handicap System:

Administration -> Handicaps -> Lost/Inactive HCP –> Edit icon (Pencil)

The Handicap Committee has to decide which handicap to assign to the player, based on the handicap record of the player in Portugal and the handicap records from overseas.

Write the value -> button Submit 


OBS: If the player is not available in the list Lost/Inactive HCP, it means that the player does not have at least four scores registered.


This page is addressed to Clubs affiliated in the FPG.



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