Registration of Scores – Manual Process

Registration of Individual Scores for Handicap purposes (EDS) – Manual Process


All the data required to identify the round, and the scorecard with hole by hole scores, have to be available, and pre-registration has to have been done in the reception of the golf course. The requirements for this type of scores are foreseen within the Handicap System in force.  

1.Check Pre-registration

In Datagolf:

Identify the pre-registration:

Tournaments/Results -> EDS Pre-registrations -> check data

Note: The following steps only happens if the pre-registration is found and complies with the requirements foreseen in the Handicap System in force. 

2.Register the Score

In Datagolf:

Create the scorecard:

Players -> Select the Player -> Button “Scores (Incl. EDS)” -> new EDS/Away

Score Type: EDS / Date / Hour -> OK

Course: Button “Change Course” / select the course / select the number of holes / select Tees -> Ok -> OK

Insert the score: 

In the scorecard, insert the scores holes by hole and save.

3.Send the Score to the Central System:

In Datagolf:

Send to server: 

Menu Tournaments/EDS and Aways -> Sending of EDS/Aways to Server -> select each score -> send to server

Within the Handicap Central System:

Check the handicap record: 

Go into the player file and in the option “Handicaps” check the handicap evolution

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