Approval Scores – Digital  Process   

Approval of Individual Scores for Handicap (EDS) – Digital  Process   


The player must had submitted the score for handicap, through myFPG. The pre-registration data and the score will be received simultaneously. The requirements for these scores are defined in the Handicap System in force.

1.Reception of Individual Scores    

In Datagolf:

Access to the list of Results for approval:    

Tasks -> Approval of Individual Scores -> click to see the list

2.Validation of Individual Scores 

Check the data In the individual scorecards page, click in the name of the player to have access to the details: Player and round data; Score; Marker; Image of the scorecard in paper (if sent and requested). Note: to save the image of the scorecard, right-click and save locally.

– Check the scorecard in the SCH – It is also possible to check the digital scorecard, with the score hole by hole, by clicking in “Check scorecard in SCH” / Section Results / Find the scorecard by date and name and expand “I”.

Validate the Score In the individual scorecards page, after analysing the data, click in the button with the applicable option: – Approve: to make the score valid for handicapping – Reject: to not accept the score as valid for handicapping

This page is addressed to Clubs affiliated in the FPG. 01/12/2018